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Using the Adventure Deck as Divine Intervention

I was recently binging on the History Channel's Vikings TV series with a friend, and afterward, we came up with the idea of a campaign setting in which you play the gods rather than in a setting affected by the gods. During the discussion, I stated that in most stories, the gods are influencers, meddlers, and manipulators, but rarely do they actually engage in adventures of their own. But then I pondered a variant type of game in which one could play a god or gods that in fact meddle in the affairs of mortals. While exercising that idea, I realized that in some sense, that's what the Adventure Deck for Savage Worlds does already.

The Adventure Deck is an optional accessory that can change the outcome or complete direction of a session, adventure, or even a campaign. You can play a card that can introduce reinforcements or an angry mob, grant a sudden surge of power points, or give you knowledge about something you might not have otherwise known.

Imagine a setting then where t…

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