Shards of Eberron Fan-made Album Covers

I created two album covers for Eberron: Shards of Eberron, the music CD that was included with Sharn: City of Towers in 2004. I never really cared for the previous fan-made album cover (shown below), but it was all that was available at the time. I finally got inspired to create my own. Note that these are designed for digital audio metadata, not print resolution for CD cases.

Alternate album cover

Original fan-made album cover
It's a shame the PDF version doesn't come with the tracks in MP3 format or that Wizards of the Coast doesn't offer them independently on

Update 2014-6-11: For those of you who weren't fortunate enough to get the CD, Wizards of the Coast still offers three sample tracks on their website as of this post.


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