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Savage Worlds Eberron Conversion Companion

Costs for Savage Worlds Spellcasting Services

While running my Savage Eberron campaign, I've sort of hand-waved the cost of spellcasting services; sometimes even defaulting to potions which can be costly. I finally took the time to figure out a cost calculation for spellcasting services in Savage Worlds, and I think I've created something that scales approximately to how D20 spellcasting services are calculated and scaled.

Simply put, the cost of spellcasting services is:

  • PP x $25 for a success.
  • PP x $50 for a raise. 

This sets healing at $75, or $150 with a raise, and greater healing at $250 or $500 depending on the effect, or $500 or $1000 with a raise. The success would involve cooperative roles, guaranteeing success from Extras performing the service with others assisting while a raise might require a reroll, hence the higher cost. Additional assistance can come in the form of any Edges that facilitate the skill (e.g. - Healer). Essentially, it's like paying for more resources (i.e. - people or talent) to get a higher quality result.

Thanks to +Clint Black who suggested this formula.

I think this works fairly well for Savage Worlds. What do you think?


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