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Savage Eberron: Teleport vs. Travel in Eberron

The teleport power in Savage Worlds is dramatically different than in Dungeons & Dragons specifically in regards to range. In Savage Worlds, it seems to be based on combat distances or designed to limit functionality for purposes of not bypassing story.

In fact, facep0lluti0n on the Pinnacle forums asked about the presence of psionic powers, including long-range teleport, in the Science Fiction Companion (which +Pinnacle Entertainment Group plans to release today):
I've yet to see a few of the more classic psychic powers from space opera and sci-fi - stuff like remote viewing/scrying, long-range teleport, mind-link or telepathic communication, etc. ValhallaGH replied:
I'm pretty sure you'll be disappointed. Those abilities tend to be plot devices; and PEG stays away from powers that negate adventures (investigation, travel, and interrogation adventures, respectively).  My internal reaction: "Teleport is important in some settings!"

Of course I was thinking a…

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