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Savage Worlds Eberron Conversion Companion

Savage Eberron: Eneko

If you're familiar with the v3.5 Eberron supplement Secrets of Sarlona, you're familiar with the eneko, the "mongrel ogres" or hybrid ogre/half-giant race that is at home in Syrkarn.

While compiling lists of sample names for characters of different races and cultures, I came across the eneko and decided to attempt adapting it to Savage Worlds. It's a tough challenge trying to adapt a race with a +1 level adjustment, but I find it to be a decent exercise in stripping it down to the core essentials of what represents that race. Below is my first attempt, and I'm not 100% satisfied with it, but I thought it'd be worth sharing.


  • Brute strength: Eneko are naturally strong and start with a d6 Strength. (+2)
  • Clumsy: Even less dextrous than their half-giant cousins, not only does raising an eneko’s Agility require two points per step during character generation or two advances to raise Agility afterward, but they can only raise their Agility to a d6. (-6)
  • Endure elements: Eneko have a +4 bonus to resist all negative environmental effects (heat, cold, pressure, etc.) (+2)
  • Immune to poison: Eneko are hardy and resistant to toxins. (+1)
  • Outsider: Most races are frightened by the mixed heritage of eneko, and eneko are rather reserved and wary. They suffer a -2 Charisma modifier when interacting with races other than the Syrk half-giants or their own kind. (-1)
  • Size +1: Eneko are the same size as half-giants. (+2)
  • Sturdy: Eneko have rugged physiology and start with a d6 in Vigor. (+2)
Admittedly, Clumsy seems really harsh, but it was one of the few ways I could easily balance this race. Additionally, the ogre and giants in Savage Worlds only have a d6 Agility, so I thought it'd be fine for the "mongrel ogre," too.

What's Missing?

  • Powerful Build: As with the half-giant, powerful build was built around a D20ism, and I didn't think it was necessary for Savage Worlds.
  • Low-light Vision / Darkvision: I also didn't bother converting low-light or darkvision to infravision, as neither ogres nor giants in Savage Worlds have any similar ability.
  • Spell-like Abilities: I took out the spell-like abilities endure elements and pass without trace. The only counterpart for endure elements was environmental protection, which as an equivalent +2 value to the endure elements ability above, felt too powerful for the intended effect by comparison. Instead, I opted for the +4 bonus listed. The spell-like ability pass without trace seemed like it wouldn't be missed much.

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