Chapter Nine of the Eberron Campaign Setting as an Introduction?

"Chapter Nine: An Eberron Campaign" in the v3.5 Eberron Campaign Setting has a lot of excellent information about how an Eberron campaign should be approached, but this chapter is written directly to the DM. I often felt that this was important information for players, too, as it could facilitate setting a mutual understanding of what to expect from an Eberron campaign.

For my private copy of the Savage Worlds Eberron Companion, I'm including in the introduction most of the content from the sections "Creating a Party", "Styles of Play", and "Story and Pacing" found in Chapter Nine. I just feel it's almost too important for players to not pay attention to it.

For those who are familiar with this chapter, what do you think? Would you put this in the introduction section or chapter of your campaign handout? Should it have been in the introduction chapter of the official campaign setting books? Is it better left for the GM to read and effect from their end?