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Savage Worlds Eberron Conversion Companion

Savage Eberron Plot Point Campaign

Eberron offers a lot of diversity in subject matter, themes, and adventure styles. As such, I wonder if it would be suitable for a Plot Point Campaign.

I've been running Necessary Evil, and although we're only four sessions in (things slowed down during the holidays), I'm beginning to understand how Plot Point Campaigns really work. I mean, I always knew the concept behind them and how they worked in theory, but I hadn't ever run one or really seen one executed. This first-hand experience with GMing one has really shed a lot of light on how this model of a campaign works well for introducing players to a setting or the story behind the campaign.

I realized a Plot Point Campaign is an ideal model for an Eberron campaign. It gives players an opportunity to travel the world and explore the various aspects and adventure types. The overarching plot can tie together adventures across the globe, taking the players to Sharn, the Mournland, Xen'drik, Sarlona, the Demon Wastes, and perhaps even Argonnessen. Along the way, player characters can meet dragonmark heirs of House Vadanis, Kalashtar monks of Adar, sea princes of the Lhazaar Principalities, Aundarian spies, scheming agents of the Lords of Dust, and a lurking dragons of the Chamber.

I think after I finish Necessary Evil, I might take a break from GMing and work on my own Plot Point Campaign for Savage Eberron, and when its complete, I'll share it publicly and run it for my group.