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Savage Worlds Eberron Conversion Companion

In case you didn't already know, a couple of my older posts related to my conversion of Eberron to Savage Worlds linked to old outdated documents, and for a while, I've been maintaining all current updates and additions to my conversions in a single document which I've titled [poorly] Savage Worlds Eberron Conversion Companion. For convenience, there is also a link to this document at the top of this blog.

I like to refer to this document as a living one as I am frequently updating it for corrections, improvements, and clarifications. If you have a Google Drive account, opening this document will allow you to access it from your own account in the future. You can also make a copy of it from Google Drive's file menu in case you want to keep a static copy for your own edits and additions.

If you'd like to leave a comment in the document, please feel free to do so. It helps to have a fresh pair of eyes on it, and I'm interested in any suggestions or questions you might have.

[Update: I've closed comments and suggestions on the Google Doc. It's in a fairly stable state with only minor additions being added intermittently.]
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