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Savage Worlds Eberron Conversion Companion

Savage Eberron: A Few New Edges

Update: I forgot to include a rank requirement for Overload Metabolism.

Back when D&D v3.5 ended, I created my own Eberron Compendium which culled together all of the character options such as races, class, prestige classes, feats, spells, powers, etc. from all of the official Eberron supplements and a few official articles from the Eberron web site and Dragon Magazine. I've recently begun cherry picking some of the feats from that document. I know, I know. Savages shouldn't just convert feats from d20 to Savage Worlds. Truthfully, though, I think a lot of these feats work really well as Edges. Some might need a little fine tuning, but I figured I'd add them to the Savage Worlds Eberron Conversion Companion and post a few here for you all to review and comment on.

Racial Edges

Overload Metabolism

Requirements: Novice, Warforged, Agility d8+, Strength d8+

You can heal damage at a cost to your other physical attributes by exciting your warforged metabolism. Once per session, you can make a Vigor roll to repair wounds. On a success, you repair one wound. On a raise, you repair two wounds. Doing this reduces your Strength and Agility by one die size for 10 minutes. If you are unconscious and have not yet used this ability, any use of the Gadgeteer Edge targeted upon you (i.e., imbuing) automatically activates it.

Shifter Acrobatics

Requirements: Novice, Shifter with the cliffwalk, longstride, or swiftwing trait, Agility d6+

Your heritage makes you agile and light-footed. When shifting, you gain a bonus to all Agility rolls made to perform acrobatic maneuvers (including Trick maneuvers) equal to the number of Racial Edges you have up to +3.

Background Edges

Criminal Background

Requirements: Novice

You come from a long line of pirates, outlaws, or sneak thieves. Your instincts are bent toward illicit gain and self preservation above all else. You can make unskilled Intimidation, Taunt, and Streetwise rolls without the usual -2 penalty. When observing an individual, you can make a Notice roll with a -4 penalty to ascertain any criminal motives. You also gain a +4 bonus on Streetwise rolls involving crime and criminals.

Special: You must take this feat at character creation.

Combat Edges

Berserk Luck

Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Berserk. 
When Berserk have a greater ability to alter your luck than most others do. You gain 1 temporary benny while Berserk. If you don’t use this benny during your Berserk, it disappears when it ends.

Power Edges

Attune Magic Weapon

Requirements: Seasoned, Arcane Artificer

Through your study of magic weapons, you have become adept at eking every advantage out of their enchanted qualities. When you wield a magic weapon, you gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls. You must spend 24 hours with a newly acquired weapon before you can gain this benefit when wielding it.

Psychic Rush

Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Arcane Background (Psionics)

You can occasionally activate a psionic power with less effort. When you activate a power, you can spend a benny to reduce the power point cost of that power by 1d6 power points, to a minimum cost of 1 power point. You must have enough Power Points remaining to activate the power without the reduction in cost.

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