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Savage Eberron: Sins Revisited

I'm rethinking my position regarding Sins in Eberron. To begin this discussion, we need to recall that Eberron does not restrict choice of deity based on character alignment. Expanding on this idea in his post "Dragonmarks 4/11: Religion and Faith" on Have Dice Will Travel, +Keith Baker reminds us of an important setting concept expressed on  page 35 of the v3.5 Eberron Campaign Setting:
A cleric who violates the tenets of her church or deity might risk punishment at the hands of the church… but risks no loss of spells or class features and need not atone.
Notice that it does not state that a deity does not strip the powers from the cleric, only that there is no risk of cleric losing spells or class features.

Yet Baker adds an addendum in a subsequent statement:

For me, this is about personal faith. If the cleric truly abandons his faith, I would strip him of his powers, because his powers are derived from his faith.
This is close to my own interpretation in my previous post about sins, but where my interpretation followed the Savage Worlds core rules for Arcane Background (Miracles) regarding minor, major, and mortal sins, Baker focuses only on complete abandonment of one's faith.

Baker also touches on the literal wording of v3.5 rules governing detect evil and character alignments specifically in regards to "an evil cleric" versus "a cleric of an evil deity." In short, detect evil will detect a good cleric of an evil deity as having an evil aura rather than a good aura. The rationale is based on the aura strength table for the detect evil spell which indicates that the aura of a 10th-level evil human fighter is weaker than the aura of a 1st-level good cleric of an evil deity. Thus aura of good is sort of masked by the aura of evil.

This means regardless of the deeds of the character, as long as his faith holds true, his divine power remains. It's not until the character completely loses faith that he suffers any consequences.

With that in mind, I'm changing my interpretation of sins associated with Eberron's faiths as follows:
Characters with Arcane Background (Miracles) do not suffer consequences from committing acts that might normally be regarded as a minor, major, or mortal sin, but if the character abandons his faith altogether, he loses all faith-based Edges associated with divine abilities such as Arcane Background (Miracles) and related Power Edges, Champion, and Holy/Unholy Warrior.
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