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Savage Worlds Eberron Conversion Companion

Savage Eberron: Half-giants

Here's my attempt at creating half-giants as a race for Savage Worlds. It was rather tricky as I had to trim some of the features they have in the D20 version, which has a Level Adjustment of +1, just to keep it balanced for Savage Worlds. I considered breaking some of the features out into Racial Edges, but I think the abilities outlined below really capture the important aspects of half-giants. (If you think otherwise, please feel free to share your thoughts.)


  • Size +1: Half-giant's are much larger than humans, but not as large as their ancestors. (+2)
  • Brute strength: Half-giants are naturally strong and start with a d6 Strength. (+2)
  • Stomp: With a single stomp of their foot, half-giants can create a wave of trembling earth. This effect is similar to the pummel power but only knocks targets prone and does no damage. Half-giants have 5 Power Points and must make a Vigor roll to activate the power while stomping on solid ground. (+2)
  • Clumsy: Half-giants aren't the most dextrous creatures. Raising their Agility requires two points per step during character generation, and two advances to raise Agility afterward. (-3)
  • Outsider: Most races are intimidated by half-giants or simply don't know what to make of them, often confusing them for their larger ancestors. (-1)

What's Missing?

I felt the following racial traits, while awesome in d20, weren't critical to the concept of half-giants in Savage Worlds.
  • Powerful Build: Simply a mechanic to circumvent a limitation related to D20's weapon sizes
  • Lowlight Vision: While somewhat impacting, giants in Savage Worlds (see Fantasy Companion) don't have Low Light Vision.
  • Fire Acclimated: I think this was a holdover from the Dark Sun version of half-giants, which isn't necessarily applicable to Eberron.

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