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Savage Worlds Eberron Conversion Companion

Savage Eberron: Living Constructs

Out of nowhere, I had a solution for a Living Construct Monster Ability for warforged. This is a concept with which I have been struggling for more than a year. When I first tackled it, it was a mess, and I had decided to scrap it and simply use Construct for creating a warforged. That seemed lazy and didn't feel quite right in keeping with the spirit of the concept behind warforged as "living" constructs, but I figured I could live with it. Now, the solution seems obvious. Perhaps it's my work with Reality Blurs that has changed my perspective; I'll be among the first to praise Sean Preston as a great mentor when it comes to game design.

In any case, presented here is a definition for Living Construct. Feel free to compare and contrast to the Construct (Savage Worlds Deluxe, p. 130) and leave a comment below.

Living Construct

  • Living constructs add +2 when attempting to recover from being Shaken.
  • Living constructs do not suffer from disease or poison.
  • Living constructs cannot heal naturally, and use of a "normal" healing power on them suffers a -4 penalty to the arcane skill roll.
  • Living constructs can be mended with a successful Repair roll or the healing power with a trapping of constructs only without the above penalty and with no "Golden Hour."

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