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Savage Worlds Eberron Conversion Companion

Savage Eberron and Zombie Action Decks

To follow up on my earlier post regarding Action Decks, here are the decks I'm using for Savage Eberron and Life After Death.

The first set are Bicycle Dragon Backs and are easily found online. The gold deck just came out this January. The second set is a deck of zombie-themed playing cards I came across online. You can find them on ebay or

Personally, I think the Dragon Backs are very eye catching and very appropriate for any fantasy role-playing game. The dragon theme works well for Eberron specifically, too. It's only coincidental that the dragons' colors are red, blue, and gold — some of the colors of chromatic and metallic dragons in the D&D v3.5 Monster Manual as well as the respective colors of Eberron, Khyber, and Siberys shards.

And here are the cards I use for Life After Death.

The quality of these isn't nearly as good as the Bicycle decks, but they work well enough for Savage Worlds. I'm considering ordering a second deck just as a backup.
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