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Savage Eberron: Character Concepts, Artificers, Content Organization, and Version History

I've made some significant revisions to Savage Eberron this month, but nothing that changes much mechanically. This update is more about content organization and presentation.

Savage Eberron: Daelkyr Half-blood and Symbionts

The daelkyr half-blood and symbionts have been added to Eberron for Savage Worlds. Below is the changelog entry for this update. Added Symbionts in the bestiary and under Grafts and Symbionts in the Magic Items section. Added Daelkyr Half-blood race. Added Symbiont Mastery Edge. Updated symbiont abilities for Daelkyr. Updated contributors and supporters under Credits. (Thanks to Omnificer, Jetty, and Skwyd42 for reviewing these changes for errors and clarifications.)

Savage Eberron: Added a Changelog

With more GMs using Eberron for Savage Worlds for their campaigns and the content being available in Fantasy Grounds and soon to be added to, I decided to add a changelog at the end of the document.

As I make changes to the document, that section will be updated. It'll be the easiest way for others to keep up with additions, changes, and fixes.

Additionally, I'm no longer editing directly in the Google Doc in real-time. Instead, all drafts and revisions are worked out in a separate Google Doc and copied into the public document.

Savage Eberron: New and Updated Races

I've made some updates to Eberron for Savage Worlds.
Started adding named versions to the Google Doc for easier tracking of what has been changed and when using Google Docs' version history feature.Inspired by the Goblinoids episode of Manifest Zone, added bugbears, goblins, and orcs .Adjusted gnomes and halflings due to an ability point oversight related to the Size -1 racial ability.Halflings have a d6 in Athletics and Stealth, Common Bond, Lucky, Size -1, and Reduced Pace. Changed the gnome's illusion power from a Power ability and Focus Skill Ability to a Super Power Ability for the same cost.Gnomes now have a starting d6 in Common Knowledge.Corrected miscellaneous typos and copy/paste errors. Thanks to Michael Greszler for pointing out the miscalculations and helping me work out the fixes.

Now on Fantasy Grounds, Eberron for Savage Worlds


Artificer's Codex: Rules for Crafting Permanent Magic Items

Now available through the Savage Worlds Adventurer's Guild, Artificer's Codex: Rules for Crafting Permanent Magic Items.

Product blurb:
Light spread everywhere, covering the entire lab in a bright flood of luminescence. Elana squinted into the bright light as she carefully transferred her own arcane power into the opalescent stone cradled in its beveled setting. The gem dimmed back to a soft glow as it hung on the necklace. Hope filled Elana as she prayed to the gods that this artifact will be powerful enough to protect her sister from the dangers they will face on the upcoming journey

Ages ago, the ancients had the skills and knowledge to create artifacts–magic items that stored permanent arcane energy in the form of spells and preternatural effects. As the centuries passed, the mastery of crafting such relics had been forgotten. Until now.

After generations of dangerous explorations into the ruins of lost civilizations and long, arduous research in the most sophisticated arca…

Form-fillable Eberron Character Sheet for Savage Worlds

Charlotte Irrgang has been kind enough to create a form-fillable version of the Eberron Character Sheet for Savage Worlds.

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