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Artificer's Codex: Rules for Crafting Permanent Magic Items

Now available through the Savage Worlds Adventurer's Guild, Artificer's Codex: Rules for Crafting Permanent Magic Items.

Product blurb:
Light sprayed everywhere, covering the entire lab in a bright flood of luminescence. Ilana squinted into the bright light as she carefully transferred her own arcane power into the opalescent stone cradled in its beveled setting. The gem dimmed back to a soft glow as it hung on the necklace. Hope filled her as she prayed to the gods that this artifact will be powerful enough to protect her sister from the threats they will face on the upcoming journey.

Ages ago, the ancients had the skills and knowledge to create artifacts–magic items that stored permanent arcane energy in the form of spells and preternatural effects. As the centuries passed, the mastery of crafting such relics had been forgotten. Until now.

After generations of dangerous explorations into the ruins of lost civilizations and long, arduous research in the most sophisticated arca…

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