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Zombies It Is

Zombies hovering over you

After taking a lengthy hiatus from running and playing my Savage Worlds adaptation of Eberron, I've been looking to get back into the GM seat. If you listen to the Savage Bloggers Network Podcast, you know that I was struggling choosing which new setting (as well as a couple of older ones) to settle on. The list was long.

Savage Worlds or Shaken Worlds?

This weekend, Pinnacle Entertainment Group dropped a pretty amazing rules change on the forums.
At the beginning of their action, a Shaken character makes a Spirit roll to recover. On a failure, he remains Shaken. On a success, the character removes their Shaken condition and may take their action normally.
Clint Black, Savage Worlds Core Rules Brand Manager
As you can see on that thread, as well as on the Savage Worlds Google+ Community, there's a lot of disagreement on whether or not this is a good change. A small amount of that disagreement is based on misunderstanding both the intent and the effect of the rules, while others' points of argument are based the actual effects of the rules.

Loot Generator Redesign: Now Infused with Bourbon!

I recently redesigned the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion Loot Generator. There were a few reasons for this change. If you're curious about the details of the changes or what those reasons were, read on.