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Savage Eberron: Weapons of Sarlona

Continuing the exploration of weapons and equipment of Khorvaire, I present here seven new weapons imported from the continent of Sarlona.

Again, special thanks to +Ron Blessing for assisting with some of these, particularly the monk's cane.

Savage Eberron: Weapons of Khorvaire, Part 2

Continuing the adaptation of equipment in Eberron adapted to Savage Worlds, this post contains four more weapons of Khorvaire, originally presented in the Eberron Campaign Setting.

Savage Eberron: Weapons of Khorvaire, Part 1

As some of you recall, I posted a poll asking what Eberron things I should next adapt to Savage Worlds. Overwhelmingly, equipment topped the list (followed by vehicles and then the Warforged Titan).

I've been hard at work culling together equipment from across the v3.5 Eberron books and slowly but surely adapting and formatting them. This post is the first bits and pieces of that work featuring some items from Magic of Eberron.

Special thanks goes to +Ron Blessing for helping sort through some of the finer points.