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A blog about role-playing games, primarily Savage Worlds. Also the home of one of several Savage Worlds adaptations of Eberron available on the Web.

Savage Eberron: Dolgaunt

Using the base stats generated from +Richard Woolcock's Savage Worlds Monster Finder, I've finally gotten around to creating a Savage Worlds version of Eberron's dolgaunt. I've also added it to the Savage Worlds Eberron Conversion Companion.

I'm particularly proud of how the Vitality Drain ability translated. Thanks to the Savage Worlds Google+ Community for critiquing my original draft.

The Blessings are Back in Town

For those of you who haven't yet heard the news, +The Game's the Thing (TGtT) is back! If you're not familiar with TGtT, it's a podcast host by +Ron Blessing and +Veronica Blessing that focused on tabletop gaming, including board games and tabletop RPGs. Sometime back, the Blessings retired from podcasting, which included leaving not only The Game's the Thing, but also Smiling Jack's Bar and Grill–a Savage Worlds podcast they had co-created–and RoleplayDNA, another gaming-related blog/podcast they had co-created.

Now the Blessings are back with a new site, and they're expanding TGtT beyond the spoken word with weekly blog posts. Additionally, every Friday will feature a blog post by a guest contributor as well. So far, they've had guest posts from +Sean Patrick Fannon of +Evil Beagle Games and +Eloy Lasanta of +Third Eye Games (see the end of this post for links) with more to come.

Using Bennies for Higher Initiative

Photo: Flickr, Ross Elliot
I was thinking about my concept of Epilogues for Savage Worlds campaigns and how a player can spend a benny to draw another card. I wondered why we don't apply this to drawing from the Action Deck for initiative. If we can use bennies to reroll, why not use them to redraw, too?

SW FC Loot Generator v3.0

In case you missed the announcement on Google+ a few weeks ago, I updated my unofficial Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion Loot Generator with some new features and functionality.