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Eberron's 10th Anniversary

In June 2004, Wizards of the Coast published the Eberron Campaign Setting, created by +Keith Baker. This month marks the 10th anniversary of the setting's release. For 10 years, game masters and players have enjoyed high action, gritty intrigue, and fantastic exploration in the world of Eberron. Here's to countless adventures had and countless more to be had for years to come!

Shards of Eberron Fan-made Album Covers

I created two album covers for Eberron: Shards of Eberron, the music CD that was included with Sharn: City of Towers in 2004. I never really cared for the previous fan-made album cover (shown below), but it was all that was available at the time. I finally got inspired to create my own. Note that these are designed for digital audio metadata, not print resolution for CD cases.

Savage Eberron: Loss of Faith

After I had last posted about Sins in a Savage Worlds adaptation of Eberron, I never really had a chance to test it in play. It gnawed at me that there was no backlash nor other balancing mechanic for Arcane Background (Miracles), but I wasn't sure if it was a problem or not.

After recording an episode of the +Savage Worlds GM Hangout (On Air!), I asked +Jerrod Gunning and +Scott W. for their opinions, and among their suggestions was the Blessed in Deadlands. I looked it up and immediately saw and read Crisis of Faith. It was perfect! I was inspired to write up and share a mechanic that borrowed from that idea and apply it to Arcane Background (Miracles) in Eberron. Keep in mind this is fitting for Eberron for multiple reasons, the most significant of which is that divine magic is driven by faith rather than by gods who directly bestow powers upon the characters.